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It’s the biggest shopping event of the year! This Black Friday, stock up on your favorite Project E Beauty essentials and still stay within your budget - it’s possible. Don’t miss this limited chance to grab our must-haves, from skincare products to beauty devices, at very exciting rates.     

The Black Friday shopping extravaganza started in the US and to every shopper’s delight, quickly became a worldwide tradition. So don’t let the chance to shop at low, low prices pass you by! Luckily, what was once a one-day event became a week-long celebration of sorts with some popular brands starting a week early and even extending as far as Monday - which we know as Cyber Monday.

Are you ready for this? Shop at and get 20% off on all products, 25% off on orders over $300, and a whopping 30% off on orders over $500. The best thing about this beauty sale? It starts 2 weeks early and ends a day after Black Friday. Get your favorites ready for checkout from as early as November 11 until the 26th. 

Additionally, get free shipping for orders over $100 (extra 3% off). Special news for VIPs! Get 23% on everything, 28% off on orders over $300, and 33% off on orders over $500. How to make the most out of these extra-special rates? Let your inner shopping diva shine through! Nab your beauty favorites such as our best selling LED masks, the red or blue LumaGlow for clear, youthful skin, convenient slimming therapy devices, and so much more! Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity and do an early Christmas shopping spree to fulfill everyone’s beauty wishes at home for a fraction of the original cost. 

Fresh and Fabulous Limited Sets Up For Grabs

Having too many options can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. Project E Beauty is here to make shopping easier for you. We rounded up some amazing beauty devices and paired them with other tools and/or skincare products to make your Black Friday shopping even more incredible!

New Set 4: Ultimate Collagen Booster Set - SE031- PE727+ SE034 (Box 1 + Box 2)

Ultimate Collagen Booster Set

Join the collagen crew and achieve youthful skin in no time. Comfortably experience the collagen-boosting benefits of blue and red light therapies with the Project E Beauty Silicone LED Light Therapy Mask made of high-grade flexible silicone material to ensure effective light penetration. Use this with the solar-powered VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller that uses a weak microcurrent to reinvigorate the skin layers and lift facial skin. Last but not the least, quench dry skin thirst with the Aqua Infusion Face Gel Mask sheets with 50% more essence than most brands. 

New Set 5: Glow Essentials Anti-Aging Set - SE032 - PE731+ PE722 + DE001 (Box 1)

Glow Essentials Anti-Aging Set

This anti-aging set is the team to beat. The LumaGlow Red LED Light Therapy by Project E Beauty utilizes the power of UV-free, non-thermal light waves to penetrate deep into the skin layers and deliver beneficial effects such as enhanced collagen production and diminished fine lines and wrinkles. Before your red light treatment, cleanse off with CLEO+ Sonic Facial Cleanser which uses sonic vibrations to effectively cleanse the skin of impurities such as cosmetic residue and dead skin cells and minimize pores. Top this anti-aging routine with the weightless Aqua Collagen Gel that nourishes and hydrates dry, rough skin showing signs of aging. It contains Vitamin C that works with collagen to amplify age-defying benefits such as skin brightening and sun protection.

New Set 6: Repair Essentials Anti-Acne Set -SE033 - PE732+ PE039 + DE004 (Box 1)

Repair Essentials Anti-Acne Set

Keep acne and blemishes at bay to repair damaged skin effectively. The LumaGlow Blue LED Light Therapy by Project E Beauty is a handheld beauty device equipped with 44 high-intensity LED bulbs that produce soothing blue light. Ideal for oily skin as it regulates oil production. Project E Beauty’s Ice Roller Cold Therapy makes use of the cold therapy method that enhances blood circulation with visible results on the skin: tightened pores, smoother skin texture, reduced redness and inflammation, and a more radiant, and youthful glow. 

The lightweight and fragrance-free Clear Care Anti-Acne Essence helps prevent excess oils from clogging pores. It fights against pimple spots, enlarged pores, cystic acne, hormonal acne, fungal acne, and rosacea.


New Set 7: Daily Hydration Skincare Set SE034 - PE723 + DE011 X 2 (Box 2)

Daily Hydration Skincare Set

Properly hydrated skin is easy to achieve. The Project E Beauty Aqua Infusion Face Gel Mask sheets have more hydrating power than most; each hydrogel sheet holds up to 50% more essence than a standard paper face mask. Guarantee essence absorption with the use of the solar-powered VORA Microcurrent Facial Roller that uses a low microcurrent to reinvigorate the skin. The grip-and-glide action helps enhance blood circulation, tightens the skin, and gives a lifting effect. 

All Set for Black Friday 2022?

Been eyeing that Project E Beauty LED mask for too long? This is your sign. Let’s make your Black Friday epic. Enjoy these special discounted rates, free shipping, and exclusive sets featuring our top sellers and skin essentials for a limited time only!  

 written by Sophie Flair

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